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Awareness, Cleanliness and social distance are wonder tools to prevent corona infection

Hygiene and social distancing are the most effective ways to stay safe from coronavirus infection. With the help of these tools we can put check on the spread COVID-19 pandemic to a large extent.

In this present situation, District Administration Kullu has made successful efforts to ensure cleanliness and social distancing by following the instructions of State Government practically and has made awareness the main shield to prevent corona infection. Due to these steps, despite being a tourist destination, large number of laborers inflow from outer states and heavy movement of people from other districts, this district has done a commendable job to prevent the spread of COVID 19

Suraksha Kavch has been set up at the main entrance:
Special emphasis is being laid by the District Administration on social distancing and cleanliness due to heavy movement of people from outer districts. COVID-19 Surksha Kavach (safety shield) has been set up at the main entrance of the district at Bajaura to detect any possible corona infected person coming from outside. Kullu has become the first district in the state to install such shield. Two transparent cabins have been built under safety shield. In one cabin full details of people going out and coming in the district are being recorded by the police department while thermal screening is being done by the health department in the other. Only after knowing the details of travel history and thermal screening a decision is being taken to permit people to enter the district or send them to quarantine centers while people entering either from red zone or from outer states are mandatorily being sent to institutional quarantine centers.

Weekly health checkups of drivers who are delivering essential food items in the district:
Risk of infection in district has been reduced due to weekly health checkup of drivers of the vehicles being used to supply essential food items. District Administration is giving preference to making and distributing mask in collaboration with Gram Panchayats, Self Help Groups and Non Governmental Organizations.Village health, sanitation and disaster management committees have been formed in district. These committees are promoting the measures suggested by the state government to prevent infection of COVID-19. People of far flung rural areas are being made aware in local language about the importance of social distancing and hygiene.

P.P.E. kits to sanitation workers and delivery of essentials at the doorstep is another initiative:
In addition to making efforts to keep the streets and market clean the decision to distribute P.P.E. kits to sanitation workers has also been proved helpful in preventing spread corona infection in district.
To ensure social distancing the District administration is providing the essential goods, medicines and other items of need at the door steps of the people so that they do not unnecessarily get out of homes. During the curfew relaxation social distancing is being ensured in the market with the help of Home Guards and students of N.S.S. and N.C.C .

Efforts made to ensure social distancing and hygiene to keep Dev Bhoomi Kullu (Valley of the gods) Safe from Corona infection have proved worthwhile in giving peaceful moments to the district residents.

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